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We're glad you stopped by. Avid Motorcyclist is a web-site for motorcyclists by motorcyclists. We're working hard to bring together information on many aspects of the sport of motorcycling - from sport touring to cruising - for avid motorcyclists everywhere.

In our News section, we have the latest news from the motorcycling world - new models introduced by bike manufacturers, discontinuation of existing models, announcements and other excting stuff. If you hear of anything that might be of interest to other motorcyclists, and think we should be covering it, let us know through our Feedback page, and we'll be sure to do so.

There is nothing that enhances the fun of our sport like the confidence that comes from a good grasp of riding techniques. Whether it is basic skills or techniques for riding with a group, or long distance touring look for us to be featuring them in our Techniques section. Again if there's a topic you would like us to cover in greater detail, be sure to let us know through our Feedback page.

Whether it is to be safe on the road or to look good while on the ride, Gear is important to the motorcyclist. We cover new gear from all the major manufacturers (as well as neat gadgets from smaller ones too) in our Gear section. If you have discovered a neat item that makes your riding more fun, tell us about it, through our Feedback page.

When we're not out riding our bikes, motorcyclists like to read and watch movies. Even when we're out riding, we want to know where you can get that great burger or that super milkshake. Which motels and hotels are biker-friendly? We answer all of these questions in our Reviews section. Of course we couldn't possibly get around to every single restaurant and motel out there. So why don't you tell us if you've encountered a particularly good (or bad) one and we'll publish it with your name!!

Looking for that serene ride through cool forests and along the shores a gentle brook? Or perhaps a high speed strafing run through a maze of twisties? Either way, our Roads section details great roads to ride. And as always, tell us about your favorite road - anywhere in the world and we'll list it with your name.

We'll collect all previous articles from the News,Techniques,Gear, Reviews and Roads sections and stack them in our Archives section, so you can get at them any time you want.

So stay with us a while, browse and tell us what you think, and how we can improve.

The Avid Motorcyclist Team